Water right assistance

Customized Services via Proposal Proposals

KWRC provides a wide range of services related to water rights and groundwater conservation, typically provided via a Consulting Services Agreement with one or more Project Proposals, customized to the client’s needs. Such services include:

  • Water right audits and queries (see below), help water users understand water terms and conditions
  • Assist in water right change applications
  • Explore and evaluate new potential sources of water for expansion
  • Assist in evaluating potential benefits of a Water Conservation Area (WCAs)
  • For municipalities: evaluate sufficiency of existing water rights for future needs, develop a water right perfection strategy,
  • For GMDs: Local Enhanced Management Area (LEMA) support

Pre-defined services

In addition, KWRC is developing a range of pre-defined services including:

Water Right Audit – KWRC will:

  • Obtain DWR’s “Water Right Information Report” for the water right, highlighting key attributes
  • Download and graph of DWR’s annual wateruse record from WIMAS
  • File an open record request to obtain a scanned version of DWR’s water right file (additional cost of more than 300 pages)
  • Complete an expert review of the scanned file, compile a listing of key documents with page numbers
  • Prepare a brief report from this review, noting any compliance issues or recommendations
  • A brief call to answer your questions concerning the audit.

Water Right Queries – KWRC will:

  • Obtain DWR “Water Right Information Report” for the water right, highlight key attributes
  • Download and plot graph of DWR’s annual wateruse record from WIMAS
  • Prepare a brief summary report of key water right attributes.
  • Brief call to address questions