Water Right Services


KWRC provides a wide range of services related to water rights and groundwater conservation, typically provided via a Consulting Services Agreement, customized to the client’s needs. Such services include:

  • Water right reviews (see below) to assist water users in fully understand their water right terms and conditions and as a foundation for additional water right services
  • Assist in water right change applications
  • Explore and evaluate new potential sources of water for expansion
  • For municipalities: evaluate sufficiency of existing water rights for future needs, develop a water right perfection strategy,
  • For GMDs: Local Enhanced Management Area (LEMA) support
  • Other water right services include safe yield evaluations, Theis drawdown analyses, and impairment investigations.

Water right reviews

In addition, KWRC has developed a set of pre-defined water right review services that are offered as standalone service for those who wish expert, confidential answers to relatively straightforward questions or wish a full review of a water right or suite of water rights. For more, see our Water Right Review page.