Water Right Reviews

A foundation of KWRC’s water right consulting work typically involves a careful review of available information of the Division of Water Resources (DWR) regarding the particular water right(s) of interest. Information reviewed starts with a review of DWR’s water right and wateruse data, and can include obtaining and review of a scanned version of DWR’s water right file(s), as well as other local data.

Over the last two years, KWRC has developed streamlined methods of obtaining, reviewing, and summarizing this information, and uses these methods to deliver cost-effective water right consulting services.

KWRC now offers the following stand-alone water right services:

  • Water Right Queries are the simplest service, involving obtaining and summarizing a water right’s key attributes from DWR’s water right information report, tabulating and graphing wateruse data, mapping the immediate water right neighborhood, and a brief call to discuss findings and potential next steps.
  • Water Right Reviews include the Water Right Query tasks above, but add obtaining and reviewing a scanned copy of DWR’s water right file and producing a report summarizing its contents and key findings from our review, including a discussion of inter-relationships of overlapping water right files when such exists.
  • Water Right Neighborhood Reports examine the extended water right neighborhood (roughly equivalent to DWR’s two-mile circle), including a list and map of these water rights, a summary of the amount appropriated and wateruse trends, as well as available data on water level changes and hydrologic parameters of the area.

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